All the Endpoint Protection You Need

In this new world, staying productive means staying connected. You must be able to work anywhere, with your mobile phone or laptop, and access any application. To defend against this expanding attack surface and increasingly sophisticated threat actors, you can keep adding individual security products. But stitching together point solutions leaves you with security gaps, fragmented visibility, complex management, and limited options to scale.

Harmony Endpoint Software is the World’s Most Powerful Threat Intelligence to deliver the Highest Overall Threat Catch Rate in the Market. Protect Your Remote Workforce against today’s complex threat landscape using a Complete Endpoint Security solution. We can deliver the highest level of security to Remote devices and Internet connections from sophisticated attacks while ensuring Zero-Trust Access to Corporate applications.

Think Simple, Think Secure, Think Harmony. 

Complete security solution built to protect user PCs and laptops from today’s complex threat landscape.

Full Endpoint Protection: Protect Your Organization against the most imminent threats such as ransomware, phishing, and malware.

Fastest recovery: Minimize breach impact quickly with autonomous detection and response.

User Experience & Privacy: Unaffected & Uncompromised. Administrative platform will only show alerts on potential threats faced by endpoint users, user activity remains anonymous.

Harmony redefines the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) by making it easy to connect any user or branch to any resource, anywhere, without compromising security.

Clientless Access: Provides employees & Contractors secure and easy access to any corporate application [including web applications, databases, remote desktops, and Secure Shell (SSH) remote terminals], with simple Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-like access from any web browser and any device.

Client-based Access: Utilizes a VPN agent to provide full network-layer access to corporate networks and applications.

Fast & Secured Local Connection, Anywhere: Powered by 11 cloud-delivered security services.

Enable a Secure, Fast, & Private Internet Browsing experience with the industry’s first in-browser protection to inspect all SSL traffic.

Secure: Prevent malware downloads.
Fast: Eliminate malicious pop-up websites and block access to websites deemed inappropriate by company policies.
Private: Prevent phishing attacks and corporate credential reuse.

Secure user mailboxes and productivity applications. 

Complete protection for Office 365 and G Suite:
• Block sophisticated phishing attacks.
• Block malicious attachments while providing safe & clean versions within seconds.
• Prevent sensitive business data leakage (DLP).

Mobile Threat Defense Securing employees’ mobile devices to keep corporate data safe across all attack vectors.

Comprehensive protection across applications, network, OS & device vulnerabilities.
Simple Management: Harmony Mobile fits perfectly into your existing mobile environment by deploying and scaling quickly.
User Friendly: Protects devices with no impact on user experience or privacy.

Stay Safe in Times of Cyber Uncertainty

Check Point Harmony provides multiple layers of Endpoint Security Best Practice Protection.

Your Organization can achieve the best ROI from the reduced Attack surface, Threat Prevention & Execution, and practice Damage control. Behavioral & Runtime Protection, followed by fast and automatic containment, keeps you protected even against unknown zero-day attacks. Additionally, with the automated response, triage, analysis and reports, the cost of operation could decrease.

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