Risk and Security Analysis

Imagenz Risk and Security services survey and analyse your IT security and environment needs.


Risk and Security Analysis

Use our Risk and Security Analysis services to effectively identify threats, vulnerabilities in people, processes and technology to provide a hoslitics view of your organizations threat landscape. Our experiences with policy based information security, compliance make it easier for your organization to achieve complaince, monitor, managed and continuously improve.


  • Gathering of information, policies, procedures on existing processes
  • Team role & structure review
  • IT, OT and cybersecurity review


  • On site data gathering & interviews
  • Gap analysis based on industry specific requirements
  • Regulatory compliance review


  • Analysis report
  • Sharing and recommendations
  • Information security programme development roadmap


How It Works

Once we started our engagement, we will adopt Plan-Do-Check-Act approach with our organized process to help organization define outcome and deliverable for each stage of the engagement ensuring that all data and information gathering, survey, vulnerability, threats and risks are discovered and analysed. We then grade the assessment with maturity model scoring and provide a recommendation report.

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