Managed eXtended Detection Response (MXDR)

Our Managed Detection & Response Services Features

24/7 MXDR Monitoring

24/7 Realtime Monitoring

It took an industry average of 200 days to detect a data breach. With our MXDR round the clock monitoring to
detect, investigate, notify and response to potential threats we aims to reduce this detection to minutes.


Over 50,000 detections for known and unknown behaviors and these detections are mapped to the cybersecurity kill chain to act as an early warning detection system with complete kill chain detection because of rich data collection.

Log data collection

Data Collection

Sensors and log forwarders are deployed on the network, servers, containers, physical and virtual hosts. The centralized data processor and data lake that deduplicates, correlates, enriches, indexes and stores the data that it receives.

Analytics Reporting

The search for the unknown is as important as the detection of the unknown. Our advance threat hunting capabilities helps organizations can search its rich dataset for malicious activity by creating simple or complex queries on the fly and searching for threat early.

Advance Analytics

Advance Analytics

Advanced AI Engine using advance machine learning lgorithms for different scenarios and builds with strong security knowledge to detect sophisticated threats. It is your team of virtual security analysts working around the clock to detect and triage the unpredictable threats accurately in real time.

Automated Response

Detection and investigation for threat events and automated reponse to take action. Starlight has built-in event response capabilities.


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

Our NG-MXDR platform is a distributed cybersecurity system with a family of sensors and a centralized data processor and management system. It also encompasses a distributed detection system with multiple processing stages to improve system performance and scalability. Network security through Network Detection & Response (NDR) begins by performing necessary detections such IP/port scan, DNS tunneling, and flooding at the data collection stage. An additional benefit of our NG-MXDR platform, Internet security is enhanced by having an integrated intrusion detection system (IDS) application processes network traffic before machine learning to predictably produce high-fidelity alerts.

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